Lateral Thinking and Creativity

If the Shoe Fits…….

This is a test. Should this have been a real entry, something worthy of reading would have been entered. However, since I am simply testing this wordpress theme, this is just space wasting.

Although one would think they might like an style based on visual aspects alone, I know better. Like a good pair of shoes, one must try on several pairs before discovering a good fit.

And of course, temporary testing of those shoes does not guarantee a good fit. One can get home and a week later discover blisters of enormous magnitude on the back of their heels. A person will sigh, mourn the loss of a pretty shoe, and toss those shoes into the back of the closet…. never to be worn again despite the time and effort that went into finding them, trying them, purchasing them and bringing them home.

A journal theme is remarkably similiar……………

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